Today, when you go throw hospitality of Serbia and imagine yourself in the ambient from two centuries ago, you can't pass big heath of Macva. Like todays rich with wheat, corn, also long time ago rich with true and real tradition of serbian spirit and hospitality. Long time ago was rich with free liberation spirit of writer Janko Veselinovic, spirit of warriors Hajduk Stanko, Stojan Cupic, Zeka Buljubasa, later painter Milic Od Macve. His life has subscribed in every painting which breathe with smell of macva's village.

Today, in heart of Macva's heath, is situated village Glusci about 20km (12 miles) from Sabac and Sremska Mitrovica, and 4 km (3 miles) from Bogatic. Big typical, with a lot of youth, elementary school, lies on termal watter spring . Village is guarder of beautyfull, rearly preserved church from the time of Byzantine Empire, recently become guarder of Etno Park "Avlija", uncommon destination for admirers of serbian customs and tradition.